Tangs Department Store Case Study

Tangs Department Store
To commemorate its 80th anniversary Singapore retail icon, TANGS, has taken a bold step in transforming the TANGS store on Orchard Road.

Accentuating its position as the gateway to the Orchard Road shopping belt. TANGS’ distinctive green-tiled roof has been preserved as a symbolic icon of TANGS’ unique history. However, the store front has been refreshed with larger display windows reinforcing TANGS’ reputation for stunning displays. The transformation also brings a complete and first-of-its-kind beauty and wellness experience on the first and seventh floors of TANGS.

Taking the cue from customer preferences, TANGS has introduced a new hybrid concept combining the best of department stores and shopping malls. The concept embodies the signature TANGS style of creative curatorship, bringing the best-of-category brands and propositions in beauty, fashion, home and dining. At the same time, it offers the same comprehensive flagship boutique experience available in shopping malls, while retaining the intimate setting of a department store.

“Celebrating 80 years is a mark of achievement for any retail brand. We attribute our success to always having our fingers on the pulse of the consumers and intimately knowing their wants and their preferences,” said Mr. Foo Tiang Sooi, CEO of TANGS. “Department stores are facing strong competition from shopping malls and online shopping portals. We will go beyond our role as mere retailers and instead, be the creators of a totally immersive TANGS experience that continually entertains, excites and evolves.”

TANGS celebrates 80 years of being at the forefront of fashion and contemporary lifestyle retail. With its 80th Anniversary, Singapore’s most iconic store has raised the bar for the retail industry as TANGS steps up its role as a curator of brands, redefining the department store concept as we know it.


“The experience working with AllSense…”

The visual landscape is cluttered. New brands enter the landscape at a terrific pace. Online shopping convenience pitted against the in-store social and physical validation and connectivity.

Brand engagement is now defined on the customer’s terms. Visual display is no longer enough. Power of purchase is motivated on an emotional level. Research shows the human sense of smell is processed at the root stem of our brains where memory and emotion dwell.

The human sense of smell is the final frontier of multi-sensory retail branding, drawing attention to products, conveying themes and motivating increased dwell time and sales.

Consulting closely with CK Tang, AllSense developed a signature fragrance to capture the emotive brand essence of Tangs, and represent it as a tangible essence to engage and emotivate patrons of this iconic Singaporean brand.

Client CK Tang
Services Design of signature brand fragrance, technical implementation & multi-year site management
Year 2010
Link www.tangs.com

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