After years of exploring and reconstructing the scents of planet Earth, Frenchman Michael Moisseeff set himself a new goal – capturing the smell of the moon.

The only way he could build a picture of this scent was to read up on descriptions made by various astronauts who walked on the moon, in particular Neil Armstrong, the first man ever to do so in 1969. Due to the lack of oxygen on the moon, Armstrong obviously couldn’t smell anything but once back in the module, “the smell of dust clinging to his spacesuit reminded him of the burnt black powder of an old six-shooter.”

To reproduce the smell, Moisseeff chose to detonate black powder in his own saucepans and finally succeeded in capturing a burnt deposit. He then set to work finding the right notes to complete the scent and created a blend of metallic, carbon and sulphur combined, evoking scents that we know like gunpowder and chimney ash.