Scent triggers Memory

“Smell is one of the biggest triggers of memory that we have. And food smells can take us back to special moments in our lives.”

Bob Sassone @ lists his 8 favourite food smells:

1. Chocolate chip cookies: Mmmmmmm…I would assume that this is on almost everyone’s list. Unless you don’t like chocolate, which means it would be hard for me to talk to you. Also includes other types of chocolate and hot cocoa.

2. Apples: My favorite season is fall, and fall to me means apples. I love that crisp, clean smell. In fact, I love the smell of all things apple: apples, apple pie, dishwashing liquid that smells like apples, even the smell of Apple computers.

3. Tomato sauce: I come from an Italian family, so this is big for me, whether it’s in pasta or on pizza.

4. Oranges/Citrus: I used to devour Sunkist oranges when I was a kid. Oddly, I don’t eat as many oranges or drink as much orange juice as I used to, though the cologne I use has a very strong orangy-citrus scent.

5. Bananas: Banana bread more than bananas, for some reason.

6. Parmesan and Romano cheeses: See #3.

7. Rosemary: This is the secret ingredient in so many different types of foods.

8. Bacon: No explanation necessary.

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