Dolce&Gabbana Luxury perfume for Babies

Scented Babies

Nothing wrong with a bit of ‘Cradle Marketing’?

“We all know that children smell beautiful, and there’s no need to cover up their natural scent, in fact the Dolce&Gabbana Baby Fragrance has been designed to accentuate that natural baby smell, making them even more irresistible, and heart meltingly sweet,” says the Dolce&Gabbana website.

Me thinks this would sound a whole lot better in Italian…

The highlighted notes of bergamothoney and musk are intended -according to the Fashion House – to accentuate the natural odour of newborns, without masking them.

Come July 2013 we are expecting a new addition to the family. To scent the baby or not to scent the baby…that is the question.



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