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The Perfume Shop, a candy store for the senses

I just bought a bottle of perfume for my girlfriend. The visit led me to consider the notion of selling smell to fulfill the objective of personal branding. These liquids supremely distinguished from one another, by colour, bottle shape, embossed & debossed packaging. Colours glinting, famous faces staring out, themes immortalised, frozen in time, captured […]

Scents for Hotels, Pubs and Gaming Areas

Working with a well-known and well-respected Australian gaming industry consultant, we have carefully prepared a selection of ‘Gaming Scents’. Two of these fragrances are currently used in Las Vegas casinos -namely The Venetian and Sam’s Town.  Interested parties should contact the office to arrange a sample (02 9817 5133)

Image from GlobalShop Trade Show in Las Vegas

David Amaral, ScentAir’s Director of Development & Technical Services talks a show buyer through an interactive touch screen. Audio, visual and olfactory -this presentation allows you to select, mix and match different fragrances, which in turn are delivered via scent blasts….yes, you just had to be there

Over 1,500 fragrances -That’s a lot of choice

Thanks to some smart aroma consulting, you can take the guesswork out of selecting the right fragrance to represent your brand or your business (beyond of course what just smells right). Naturally, selecting scent based on the behaviour it encourages is paramount, however brands and marketers would do well to look into the intriguing legend and legacy fragrances […]