The Best Smells in the World

Scientists show that smell is the sense that is most connected to memory and this makes one contemplate that a person’s best smell is tied to a favourite memory. Whether it is your mother cooking breakfast or the memory of a beach vacation, these sense memories are waiting to be awakened in your subconscious. Even […]

Neuromorphic Chip Can ‘Smell’ Dangerous Chemicals

Humans can detect over one trillion smells. It will be a scientific breakthrough if machine learning manages to sense even one percent of that. But researches have taken the first step and demonstrated the ability of Intel’s Loihi chip, a neuromorphic chip, to learn and recognize the scent of at least 10 different hazardous chemicals. […]

Rotten Zombie Aroma

The tradition of Halloween originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. This Halloween, Skittles candy brand is giving away Zombie Skittles costumes with a special button that lets the wearer release the “aroma of rotten zombie.” The costume is designed to look […]

Why People Love the Smell of Gasoline

Have you ever caught a whiff of an errant splash of gasoline at the gas station? You may be too proud to admit it, but did you enjoy the smell as that pungent, almost sweet, chemical odour tickled your olfactory bulb? Gasoline is a chemical cocktail comprised of many ingredients, including lubricants, anti-rust agents and […]

Smells Can Boost Learning During Sleep

A recent study, which uses rose scents to boost memory performance, investigates the role of odour in learning and memory. Olfaction is one of the oldest senses and links closely to parts of the brain that deal with emotion and memory. Learning anything new relies on the conversion of details from the short-term memory into […]

Scent of Cologne Can Guard Against Virus

In recent weeks, the popularity of traditional Turkish cologne has soared as people now look for a guard to help ward off germs. After the first case of coronavirus in Turkey was announced, people flocked to shops to buy cologne. “The demand for citrus-scented colognes, especially lemon leaped fivefold.” In the Turkish capital, Ankara, people […]

Cologne In The Wild

Would you be caught on a date without cologne or perfume? The right or wrong scent can make or break a romantic meeting among humans. A new study finds we are not alone in that regard. It has been discovered that male ring-tailed lemurs emit a fruity and floral smell from their wrists when they […]

Urban Smellscapes – Understanding and Designing City Smell Environments

By Victoria Henshaw, this is going to be a good read! Lets let the blurb do the work – “We see the city, we hear the city, but above all: we smell the city. Scent has unique qualities: ubiquity, persistence, and an unparalleled connection to memory, yet it has gone overlooked in discussions of sensory […]

Scented tour of Singapore – TimeOut

Always good to see our clients making the hit list on this scented walking tour of Singapore… “She’s done the architectural walks and food trips, this time Goh Siau Rui follows her nose and discovers the city’s best-smelling customised scents…”

Dance Music smells like Spring Rain – My Paper

Dance music smells like spring rain “If music had a smell, what would it be?” Scent expert and business-development director of scent provider AllSense, Mr Terry Jacobson, was tasked to design scents to accompany music for The Scenthesizer, a Heineken Green Room party held at Gillman Barracks. My Paper spoke to the 37-year-old about how […]